Proximus Move

Traditional platform, experimental approach

Proximus is the Belgian leader in telecom, but the company has a hard time reaching millennials. To counter this, they embarked in an experimental 10 weeks adventure with digital agency Wijs. The evident technology to deal with the agile, ever changing needs of this particular project, was Harmony.

Back to basics

This project started without a clear scope. It was clear however that Proximus needed a webplatform to reach their target group, millennials, and that it had to be very versatile to change according to new insights and new market research. Therefore, we started from a ‘naked’ Harmony-setup: a very basic framework with very few bundles or functionalities. No blogbundle, not even a webshop, just the bare necessities or a blank canvas. In that way, we could easily customize everything we needed and work in an experimental and agile way. 


Chat with us!

Along the way of this experiment, it became clear that the platform needed a contemporary helpdesk. We set up an integration with Freshdesk by adding custom code to make this work. Harmony is known for the easy integration with third parties, so this was actually not a difficult task for the developers. The integration with Freshdesk resulted in a real time support chat for customers. Easy, lean, perfectly scaled to the target group and extremely userfriendly.


Add your webshop

Proximus Move wanted the millennials to get outside. To do so, they linked free unlimited data to a city experience, for example a movie night at the theatre. This project started without any webshop functionalities, but to sell these city experiences online, the platform needed an online shop. The developers then added a simple webshop with custom code. For the online payment, we set up an integration with Mollie. For this experimental project, it was the way to go. Mollie is cheaper than other big parties like Ogone and it can be integrated easily and very quick by a webdev. A working webshop? Check!


Login with Facebook

Asking visitors to register can be quite a hassle. When Proximus wanted to offer tv-nights with friends to their clients, we needed a frictionless and ‘lazy’ way to let them subscribe. Therefore, we set up an add-on to the user bundle of Harmony to enable a Facebook login. No hassle with passwords or registration forms, just a one-click possibility to register and invite friends to the night out. At the same time, we reached our marketing goal of capturing data. Again: this integration was really easy to do and went smoothly with Harmony. 
The Proximus Move project was not conventional, nor was the way of working. But this case made clear that unconventional works as well for Harmony.


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