Finding your way in a sea of possibilities

Pasco Gifts has a vast range of promotional gifts, clothing and corporate gifts. The assortment is big in quantity, but it’s also very complex because of the many possible variations: different colours, sizes, variables, possible personalizations, bulk discount… All these factors influence the final price, which is calculated in real time. The webshop we built for Pasco consists mainly of custom features on top op the base modules.

Highly customized, guaranteed performance

Pasco Gifts had very specific needs for their webshop. The base bundles of the Harmony webshop offered a great foundation, but the product catalog and price calculation is so complex that we had to customize it to the extreme. This meant that we had to work out a detailed development roadmap to add all of the custom code on top.

Although this webshop was completely tailor-made, the performance and stability of the platform remains guaranteed. That’s why Harmony is such a great platform: it has an ideal base to add as many custom code as you like, without any impact on stability or performance.


Real time pricing

Because there are so many factors to be taken into account when calculating the price, we built a custom price calculator for Pasco, which was a real brainteaser for our developers.Some factors that influence the price:

  • bulk discount: when you add a certain amount of products to your cart, a bulk discount will be taken into account.
  • combination of variations and bulk discount: Products can be bought in different variations, but there’s also a bulk discount. Therefore, it had to be possible to order different variants in 1 go. An example: if you buy 1000 blue pens for a discount price, you should get the same price for 500 blue pens and 500 yellow ones. By integrating this possibility, visitors will get the best possible pricing at all times.
  • customization: most products can be customized, and in this option, there are also different printing options available. The printing options will determine the price and will be calculated in real time. This customization option can be added any time, even in the shopping cart.


Harmony does exactly what we want it to do. It works in a seamless, intuitive and fast way. It's extremely user-friendly and a pleasure to work with.

Ronny De Smedt, Pasco Business & Promo Gifts

Intuitive search, even on complex data

Pasco offers a wide range of products, and on top of that, all of them have different dynamic specifications. In Harmony, we use these specifications for the faceted navigation. This faceted navigation gives the user the possibility to filter options according to their needs. For example if price is very important, the visitor can filter on price. Other possible filters are category, color, material …

The vast range of products and variations has a very complex data structure. If the search would run on a traditional database, this would no longer be high-performing. Therefore we used Elasticsearch. This makes sure that visitors quickly, easily and intuitively can find what they are looking for. This is important for usability, and indirectly has a positive influence on conversion.


Customization for every product

Pasco’s core business is personalization of corporate gifts, e.g. the possibility to engrave one’s name or company logo on a fountain pen. This personalisation option had to be available through the webshop. In the back-end, Pasco can easily indicate if a product can be personalized, and add specifications like:

  • minimum quantity to be ordered for personalization
  • different possible printing options (position, colour, method)

As mentioned, the customization will also determine the price and therefore is linked to the price calculator.


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