bookkeeping made easy

For Oktav we built an online platform for live bookkeeping. Oktav makes bookkeeping for independents easy, streamlined and always up-to-date. At the same time, the professional webplatform is very user-friendly for the people of Oktav themselves. the site can easily and daily be managed through the intuitive back-end.

Easy integration with Oktav’s online dashboard

An important requirement for Oktav was the interaction of the new website with Oktav’s own accountancy module. Overall, integration with other systems and scalability were essentials for Oktav. By using Harmony, we were able to make this work in an efficient, user-friendly manner. For example: all registered users of this accountancy module automatically have access to the website. Again, this shows the versatility of Harmony: Harmony adapts perfectly to your needs.


Interactive wizard

On the website we included a wizard to place an order. The wizard offers 4 possible accountancy packages, varying from simple bookkeeping to complex accountancy with personal advice. This wizard is a beautiful example of Harmony’s flexibility and easy integration with external services, such as data.be. The wizard looks up company information using your account number through data.be. By using your eID-reader, you can safely upload all information that is on your ID-card. At the same time, the user interface adapts istelf nicely to make sure the flow runs smoothly.


Frequent news updates

Even the basic bundles in Harmony can be used in a creative way. Oktav for example uses the basic blogbundle as a news section. This means that they can make and publish all news updates by using the content editor. The content editor provides all functionalities to manage pictures, embed video’s, make use of quotes… News can easily be updated, and the template makes sure the articles look neat and nice. This section is frequently used by Oktav and shows just how easy manageable the platform is.


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