Custom-built online furniture shop

Online furniture shop Meubis was looking for a flexible, scalable webshop that would grow along with their business. One very important requirement was the user-friendliness of the back-end, because the catalog and the website needs to be updated frequently, easily and quickly by different content managers.

Extra price variations

Harmony has been designed to work for the most complex webshops. It has all necessary functionalities to define things like price, properties, variables, VAT, shipping costs… But Meubis needed more. The price of a product for example can vary according to the supplier. Therefore, we wrote the necessary customized code to make sure that Meubis could add a list of suppliers in their system, and set all useful parameters per supplier: delivery period, margin of profit, discount rate… Some of these parameters are then taken into account to calculate the price, based on purchase, margins and discounts.


Easy promotions

A big webshop like Meubis makes use of promotions. Using the standard Harmony modules, we integrated the possibility to use different types of promotions. Some of the promotions used by Meubis:

  • Campaigns: various time-limited promotional campaigns can be set up. Products can be added to the campaign easily, while setting all kinds of rules and/or specifications. e.g.
    • period of the promotion
    • maximum amount of pieces that can be ordered
    • maximum discount per order
    • type of discount: percentage or fixed amount
  • Discount codes: it’s easy to generate discount codes with Harmony. For every discount code, it is possible to set rules, for example about its validity period, how many times you can use it etc. Also, Meubis can easily adapt the name of the code, e.g. WINTER or WINTER-55887 ...
  • Bundles: furniture often has matching accessories. In Harmony there’s the possibility to bundle these products and offer them to a sharp price.


Lower threshold, higher conversion rates

Buying furniture often is a serious investment. To take away the barrier of having to pay a great amount beforehand, Meubis wanted to have an extra functionality to offer the possibility of a deposit. We built this extra feature to allow online customers to pay a deposit beforehand. The rest of the amount can be paid after delivery. By adding this functionality, the threshold to buy furniture online is lowered. This means that conversion rates are higher. The deposit feature was a custom requirement that was added seamlessly to the webshop.


Smoothless purchase process

With this feature, users can choose to make an account when they buy online. An account offers a lots of extra’s. A user with an account has his/her own dashboard. It provides info on previous orders, personal information, delivery and billing addresses ... This possibility makes ordering online a lot more easy and makes sure the buying process runs smoothly and frictionless.


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