House of Weddings

Belgium’s cradle for Wedding Inspiration.

House of weddings is Belgium’s cradle for Wedding Inspiration. They help you to enjoy a stress-free day, providing you with a database of suppliers - with quality label - , a wedding checklist, tips & tricks and much more. With Harmony, we created the custom digital platform they needed.

A blog that is not a blog

In Harmony, your blog doesn’t have to be called ‘blog’. With House of Weddings the Harmony blog module is called ‘Inspiration and tips’. This has no SEO repercussions. It’s your website, Harmony does not limit you in what you do with it. As a matter of fact, it supports you in every way. And yet, you still get all the bells and whistles of a full-blown CMS. This means having tags, categories, extensive Search Engine Optimization ... at the click of a button.


List of suppliers: extensive and neat

House of weddings has a lot of different suppliers in different categories, with different properties and locations. Displaying these in an orderly fashion is pretty hard you would think. Not for Harmony. We used a series of web development techniques to make sure the index of suppliers is easily searchable and sharable. Lazy loading for example: not all images are loaded at once, but they appear when you scroll. This has a positive effect on site performance, because images off-screen will never slow down page loading.


Fast & easy search

A lot of content means a lot of data. Do you want to see everything House Of Weddings has to offer on ‘Weddingdresses’? The search module leads you to the theme quickly. We made sure the search is frictionless, superfast, relevant and intelligent. Using autocomplete and syntax highlighting, it guides you through all the content on the site. For example: entering a typo like ‘fleestzalen’, will still give you results on ‘feestzalen’ and ‘feestzalen en tenten’. Also, search results are filtered and neatly organized to make things even easier.


Custom-made checklist

The checklist is a perfect example of the diversity of Harmony. We used the standard building blocks to construct an extraordinary website. But, on top of that, we also created an entire wedding checklist for the website. Users can log in, set their wedding date, and their personal checklist gets generated. From there, they can check, uncheck, remove … all items. The checklist is user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use. The seamless integration with the website shows how easily extensible Harmony is.


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