A web platform that grows with your business

With Harmony, we build your perfect website. Basic bundles, built for the open source Symfony PHP framework, compose a sturdy and steady base. Customized code makes everything possible. 

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Think big! Or small...

Harmony provides a solid web foundation to support all custom features on top.

From easy content websites to intricate e-commerce platforms: Harmony always stays in tune. We set up Harmony to compose the website you need. Like the notes on a scale, with Harmony we can compose a simple song, or the most complex Bach-symphony, adding specific features on top of the basic bundles. It sounds harmonious at all times.

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We orchestrate your ideal digital platform

Big or small, content site or e-commerce, plain and simple or highly customized. Harmony works for everybody. Notably, it suits growing businesses. So what’s in it for you?

Strong and solid Strong and solid

We made our base strong and solid. With our basic bundles we can construct a firm and reliable website. Anything is possible with Harmony, but you can roll with the basics as well.

Modular and scalable Modular and scalable

Harmony consists of different bundles of functionalities. Like the notes on a scale, we can compose your song by combining them as you wish. And make it more complex or bigger as you grow and go along. Anytime.

Tailor-made Tailor-made

We know your business is special and individual, we know you want to grow and evolve. With Harmony, we can build the webplatform that suits your business and your customer's needs. Tailored to your roadmap.

Smooth integration

If you need an integration with 3rd party systems, Harmony’s got your back. Whether you want to combine Harmony with your ERP system or your CRM, Harmony makes sure the integration will run smoothly and steadily.

Secure and dependable Secure and dependable

We know the best practices of web security by heart and put them into practice when building Harmony. We can guarantee you a secure and safe system, with local support nearby whenever needed. ​​​​​​​

Think big Think big

You like it big? Harmony likes it big too! Its sturdy base can take all the extra weight needed for the most complex, hierarchic and multilingual site you have in mind.

These clients hit the right note

Find out the endless possibilities of Harmony for yourself. Take a look at some of our clients.


Conventional webshop for Meubis


Extensive e-commerce platform for Pasco


Proximus Move - Traditional platform, experimental approach

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Harmony does exactly what we want it to do. It works in a seamless, intuitive and fast way. It's extremely user-friendly and a pleasure to work with.

Ronny De Smedt, Pasco Business & Promo Gifts